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    Karen Webb was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She led a very active childhood, spending time horseback riding, camping, swimming, water and snow skiing, dancing, playing piano, cycling and always playing outside. After high school, Karen attended Langara College and then went on to UBC. University was not initially in her plans, however in high school, after receiving and turning down a full ride, four year, art scholarship, Karen decided to become a school teacher. Having spent most of her school years feeling out of sync with her teachers and thinking creatively outside the box, she wanted to make learning more accessible and safe for all students, even those that couldn't sit still, never stopped chatting, were filled with questions, and wanted the world explained in pictures.

    For over 30 years, Karen taught school. Her career began with the Vancouver School Board where she taught in an open area, creative, individualized learning approach environment. In 1986, Karen moved to Gibsons BC. For the first two years she commuted by ferry to the big city, but after performing in community theatre, the local school board took notice. Karen went on to teach on the Sunshine Coast until her retirement in 2015. Much of her teaching was relayed to the students through drawing on the chalkboards whether it was about a story being studied, a Math concept, or a Science lesson. She always found it fulfilling to illustrate the concept and found it reached so many more students. Teaching Art was also rewarding and some of her students' work found its way into various publications.

    Prior to retirement, Karen took Art Classes with Mary Jean Brown. She attributes this mentor and teacher as changing her direction in life. Mary Jean believed in her abilities and natural talents leading Karen to trust and believe in herself. Having always been the "oddball", it wasn't an easy task.

    Being passionate about children, animals and playing outside provides Karen with endless subjects for her work. She lives on a hobby farm with her husband, filled with a variety of cats, dogs, and horses, many of which have a rescue story that is difficult to hear. She also provides a loving household, and sometimes some discipline, for all the stray kids who can always find a meal and hug at the house. Many of her children's friends and ex-students still drop by for that big squishy hug and to see what's on the menu. These experiences provide the passion found in Karen's wide variety of she can still often be found enthusiastically chasing something shiny!

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